While there is a vast amount of information in the Pro Tools manual, much of this is not geared toward someone approaching the software from a screen reading point of view. Therefore, we have put together comprehensive step by step interactive audio tutorials to demonstrate and provide instruction for using the various features of Pro Tools with VoiceOver to produce high quality well edited, and mixed recordings. The tutorials are broken up in to three major sections, and will be delivered in high quality MP3 files.


The recording module contains over an hour of audio covering concepts such as: opening Pro Tools, and working with the setup menu in order to begin successfully recording. For beginners, We also teach you how to

  • Create a new session
  • Create new tracks including audio, click, and master fader
  • Record audio
  • Setup pre and post role
  • Use quick punch and loop record to overdub audio
  • Work with play lists to manage takes

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The editing tutorial is an interactive audio module with nearly two and a half hours of instruction. After purchasing this tutorial you will be provided a link to the accompanying session so that you can follow along with us and practice editing the exact session you hear in the tutorial. In this modual, we will demonstrate our work flow for editing an entire song. This song was on my recently released EP, and we work through the entire process to edit the audio. You’ll learn concepts such as

  • Using VoiceOver’s hot spots to monitor information in Pro Tools
  • Creating and moving between markers
  • Methods for selecting audio including:
    • Making a selection using up and down arrows
    • Selecting between markers
    • Selecting to the top and end of session
    • Selecting between region boundaries
    • Selecting across multiple tracks
  • Fades
  • Comping

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The mixing tutorial is a continuation of the editing modual. You will be provided with a second session completely edited, and ready for mixing. We will complete tasks such as:

  • Adjusting volume faders
  • Instantiating plugins
  • Inserting a compressor
  • Inserting an EQ
  • Parallel processing
  • Setting up sends and time based processing
  • Automation from the keyboard
  • Bouncing

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