Read Me First

Getting started

Before beginning the Pro Tools with Speech Tutorials, we recommend you do a few things. First, to ensure you are able to follow along with the recordings step by step, we strongly recommend you listen to the Pro Tools with Speech Getting started module. If you’ve not already done so,

Listen to Pro Tools with Speech Getting started

Following along with the recording tutorial

Before beginning the recording module, there are a few things to make sure of. First, make sure that pre role is turned off by pressing (Command K). If VoiceOver says Pre role enabled, press it again.

Next, make sure that input only monitoring is set. To do this, press option K until you hear input only monitoring.

How to open the sessions for editing and Mixing

If you’ve purchased either the Editing or Mixing tutorials from you will also be provided a link to download the corresponding .PTX, and PTF session in order to follow along with the topics covered in these particular training modules. Once you’ve downloaded the session for the product you have purchased, we recommend placing this in a folder on your Mac that you are familiar with navigating. Assuming you placed the session in your documents folder, to open the session in Pro Tools, do the following:

  • Open Pro Tools
  • press command O for the open dialogue
  • Press VoiceOver (Control Option) Right arrow until you hear sidebar
  • Interact with this area by pressing VoiceOver Shift down arrow
  • Locate the documents folder by pressing VoiceOver up and down Arrows
  • Once you’re on the name of the folder, stop interacting with this area (VoiceOver shift Up-arrow)
  • Press VoiceOver right arrow until you hear file browser and interact with this area (VoiceOver Shift Down-arrow)
  • Locate the session (VoiceOver Up or Down-arrow)
  • Once you’ve found the session press right arrow, and down-arrow until you here start Here
  • Press enter, and your session should open

Setting nudge value and counter

To follow along step by step with the editing tutorial, you’ll want to insure that your nudge value is set to 50 tics, and your Main counter is set to bars, beats, and tics. To do this, with the session opened in Pro Tools, do the following:

  • insure you are in the projects editing window press command equals until VoiceOver says edit
  • Press VoiceOver I (Control Option) to bring up the item chooser, and type the word nudge
  • Press VoiceOver Space to move to Nudge, and press VoiceOver space a second time to activate the button
  • Type 0.0.50 and press enter

To adjust the main counter:

  • Press VoiceOver I for the item chooser, and type main counter
  • Press VoiceOver space to select the main counter and VoiceOver space again to activate the menu
  • Up or down arrow until you hear Bars, Beats, tics, and press enter.

Again, it is extremely important to take a listen to the getting started video, as we go over some other Pro Tools settings that must be set in order for you to get the same results as we do in the editing Tutorial.

Download and install the Avid Virtual instrument pack

If you don’t have the Avid virtual instruments installed, you will need to do so for all of the tracks in the sample sessions to work as expected.

Click here to download the Virtual instrument pack for Pro Tools Version 10.

Click here to download the air creative collection for Pro Tools Version 11.